About Everything Bossi

Welcome To Everything Bossi. 

Our goal is to offer the finest quality of products to enhance your natural beauty.

One of my core beliefs is that in filling each day with purpose, we must first surround ourselves with the people we love. This core belief is manifested in my life daily through my marriage and our two beautiful daughters. It is what drives me to see the potential for beauty which I believe every single one of us innately possesses. To me, we all possess our own individual beauty, we simply have to enhance it. As a young girl growing up plus sized in a not so plus sized world, my self esteem often faltered. If it were not for the constant reassurance and love emanating from both of my
parents, then I never would have had the courage to realize that I too am beautiful in every way possible. These same parents, who graced me with love, also made sure I did not want or need for anything. Such
provision further placed me in the advantageous place of being able to discover my own personal style. I can remember that I would always make sure I dressed nice and presented myself well each day, hoping to
supplement the pain of being seen as “unpretty” due to my plus size frame. Now that I am older, I can proudly say that I have learned resiliency and self- love in the face of former self-esteem issues. In the process, my own company – Everything Bossi LLC – came to fruition. Everything Bossi LLC is the brainchild of both who I am and who I used to be. By offering a
large selection of personalized items designed to help other beauties feel like the Boss that they are, I truly feel that my company is making an impact. I recently even added an exclusive line of products for men to the inventory, because sometimes men need to be reminded of their Boss stature as well. My vision for this company is to empower my
clients to feel not only beautiful, but powerful, when they purchase and use my products. I truly appreciate your support in helping Everything Bossi LLC remain true to this goal. Thank you.

xoxo Happy Shopping!! xoxo