Cleansing Garden Pearls
Cleansing Garden Pearls
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Cleansing Garden Pearls

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Include – 3 pearl and 1 applicator (1 full cleanse)

Benefits – holistic approach to help restore feminine health and confidence along with improving a variety of conditions including maintain a healthy pH, improves odor. helps with fibroids, endometriosis, this product is free of chemicals and preservatives.

Instructions –

  • Wash your hands and garden (vagina)
  • Unwrap the string
  • Soak your garden pearl in warm water for about 2 minutes
  • Insert 1 pearl into your vagina and let the string hang outside
  • Leave pearl in for 48-72 hours
  • After 48-72 hours of your pearl being in, remove it and leave out for 24 hours
  • After 24 hours repeat the steps from beginning 2 more times
  • Start wearing a panty liner during your 2nd pearl because purging will begin.

Warning – Do not exceed no more than 2 detox within a 30day time frame. If you are sensitive, only leave your pearls in for 24 hours rather than 48-72 hours. Do not use if pregnant, breast feeding, or a virgin. Do not use this product with any other products except our yoni soaps and/or yoni wash.  Do not use if you have an IUD. Do not have sex while using this product.  If you cannot wait to have sex, remove the pearl and wait 3 hours before intercourse.  Do not use during your cycle. Wait 3 days after your cycle to do the pearl cleanse. Do the cleanse 9-11 days before.  Discontinue if negative reaction occurs. Always follow up with your OB/Gyn or PCP for vaginal and uterine problems.  Results vary per person. (FYI: everyone does not purge)

Uses – improve odor, balance pH, moisturizer, vagina skin elasticity improves.